Gear up with a new Synergy Core interface and get for free entire dream studio setup including modeling mic, Bitwig Studio DAW and an effects bundle.

These bundles include everything you need to get wild in the studio, you take creative control.

Exclusive offer, valid October 1st till November 30th.

The Big 15 FX Bundle Includes:

• Diode 609 (Diode-bridge Compressor)
• BBD-Chorus (Bucket Brigade Chorus)
• V12 Chorus (Multi-Voice Stereo Chorus)
• Impresser (Stereo Knee Compressor/
• BAE-1073MP (Mic / Line Preamp)
• VEQ-HA32C (4-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)
• UK-69 (3-Band EQ / HPF)
• VEQ-55B (4-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)
• Gyratec XIV (Stereo Passive
Tube Equalizer)
• Memory Cat Brigade
(Bucket Brigade Delay)
• Marble White AutoWa (Guitar Pedal)
• Vari-Speed Tremolo (Tremolo)
• Space Flanger (Flanger)
• Filtek MK3 (3-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)
• Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
(Tube Graphic Equalizer)