NUAGE is an advanced production system featuring a modular/scalable design with up to 48 faders. With a deeply integrated control surface for Steinberg’s NUENDO or Cubase DAW software, Nuage is perfect for tracking, mixing and post production. Nuendo includes ADR replacement, direct connection to Audiokinetic’s Wwise game audio middleware, ATMOS, the first and only professional DAW to integrate an entire audio production workflow for VR and Ambiosonics support. -Plus much more. Nuage is made up of a minimum of a 16 fader surface controller and a dedicated master section. NUENDO or Cubase Pro software, NUAGE Dante based I/O or any third party audio interface plus a Mac or Windows PC computer. And, NUAGE includes Pro Tools compatibility too. For detailed information and to see NUAGE in action, give us a call.