AEA KU5A -High performance Phantom-Powered Ribbon


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The KU5A is a super-cardio ribbon microphone with its acutely focused directionality that rejects bleed from other instruments, room reflections, and loud ambience in the studio and on stage.

Perfect for both studio and live use. It was designed as a near-field ribbon designed for close range recording, the KU5A delivers the low-end heft and pronounced midrange one expects of AEA ribbons and with moderate, manageable proximity effect.

Vocalists can sing directly into the grill of the KU5A, as its interior components are the most protected of any in the AEA lineup.

The KU5A is equipped with active electronics, fit for any preamp in the studio and on the road, as well as an integrated high-pass filter to roll off low end in close range recording applications.

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