Arturia V Collection 7


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Arturia V Collection 7
Is the latest in Arturia’s amazing collection virtual instruments.  I would consider it a must have in your collection of instruments for composing or performing live.  It includes 24 timeless instruments recreated in software, and modernized with contemporary features. They were cutting edge in the 60s, mind-blowing in the 70s, awe-inspiring in the 80s.  It also features over 8000 inspiring presets.  As you can see by the modeled instrument names, they are self explanatory and are all modeled over famous synthesizer and keyboards.

Included instruments:
Buchla Easel V
Mini V
Matrix-12 V
Solina V
Jup-8 V
Arp 2600 V
CS-80 V
Prophet V
Modular V
Synthi V
Synclavier V
Clavinet V
Piano V

Stage 73 V
Farfisa V
Wurli V
Vox Continental V
Mellotron V
B-3 V

This software is provided to you as an Electronics download.  You will receive a Serial, Registration or Activation Code from us. And Download instructions for the latest version of the software.  

All software purchases are final and not returnable.  Please make sure your computer supports this application