AVID S3 Control Surface Studio Controller


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The AVID S3 is a remarkably powerful and light-weight  surface controller.  Based on Avid’s Eucon Protocol, S3 provides total control of Pro Tools.  S3 will also control many third party DAWs that include the Eucon protocol.

16 High Quality Touch Sensitive Alps Faders                                   

32 Touch Sensitive Rotary Encoders

These same encoders are found on the large format S6 console

Rich visual feedback with 32 OLED displays, 32 LED’s for track color coding and modes, as well as 10 segment meters

Again, the 32 OLED displays are same OLED displays that are included in the larger S6 surface controller.  Also, follows Track Colors.   Depending what is selected on the surface, S3 makes it easy by color coding functions.

For Example:

-Blue = Pan

-Magenta = EQ

-Green = Dynamics

-Yellow = Sends

Create your own Mix 

Create up to 12 custom mixer layouts and recall them to the surface at any time—ideal for mixing drums, vocals, dialog, sound effects, and other groupings.

4×6 AVB Audio Interface

•Supports Core Audio – Mac Only

•Works as audio interface over AVB  – 48kHz only

•2 MIC Pre’s 2 Line Ins

•AVB Stream Monitoring

Standalone Monitor Section

•Line ins 1-2 or 3-4

•Cut, DIM, Sum to Mono

•Main & ALT speakers

Eucon Enabled for Compatibility with Leading DAW’s and Non-linear editors

•Pro Tools, Media Composer

•Logic Pro

•Cubase / Nuendo

•and More

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