AXIS Proton


Custom half-rack host computer for SoundGrid and eMotion LV1 live mixer


The Waves Axis Proton is a custom-designed computer that is optimized to run audio applications.  Such as the Waves 16-channel eMotion LV1 live mixer and SuperRack live plugin rack.

Axis Proton is the brain of a SoundGrid system that integrates seamlessly with SoundGrid I/Os and servers.  Axis Proton is optimized for use in live setups of up to 16 stereo channels.

The half-rack 1U aluminum casing fits perfectly in a 1U rack shelf when paired with the SoundGrid Proton Server. Combine these two devices with the eMotion LV1 live 16-channel mixer, to build the ultimate compact live mixing system for a 16-channel live sound setup.