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Bag End  IPS18E-I Powered Black Painted Single 18’’ Installation Enclosure Sub  (The mother of all subs!  This sub goes down to 8Hz!)

The IPS18E-I is a self-powered and internally InfraTM processed single 18” bass system designed for permanent installation. The internal Minima OneTM ampli er and InfraTM processing provides for convenient implementation and wiring. The internal InfraTM integrator, ampli er and loudspeaker process the full range signal into a at response low frequency acoustic output. The Dynamic FilterTM protection threshold is internally preset to eliminate distortion or accidental overload. This insures the maximum output and robust system protection with virtually no audible effect.

The audio input incorporates an InGenius® balanced line receiver, providing very high common mode rejection, to eliminate noise often present in systems with less optimized grounding and wiring schemes. Low voltage contacts are provided to remotely turn the ampli er on and off. 


Laboratory Reference System • Recording Studio and Mastering • Post Production and Screening Room • Cinema Subwoofer • House of Worship • Theatrical Sound Reinforcement Nightclub Installation • Surround Sound Low Frequency Effects 

Single 18” Infra Subwoofer System
• Includes Both Internal Infra Processor and Amplifier
• Configured For Installation Applications
• Black Textured Finish,

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Weight 69 kg
Dimensions 18 × 21 × 22 cm