Bettermaker Mastering Compressor


Mastering Analog compressor, DAW controllable, Includes Stereo, Dual Mono, M/S modes Digital Recall, Saturation Module, Internal and External sidechain 

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Bettermaker Mastering Compressor

The Bettermaker Mastering Compressor features a 100% analog audio signal path with total recall and A/B comparison and a 5″ capacitive backlit touchscreen.  Includes an adjustable 15 – 30 Hz high pass filter at the compressor input.  A dry/wet MIX control for parallel compression. Also included is a HPF, LPF and fully configurable parametric filter in sidechain with option of hardware insert.  Additional features include an adjustable drive (for odd/even clipper) and THD function for harmonically rich sound, Range Setting, PEAK/RMS levels and USB Connectivity with a Mac or PC.
– Range Setting – limit the maximum amount of gain reduction!
– on-board measurement of PEAK/RMS levels with a MAC/PC.

Technical Specs:

– Frequency response 10Hz to 22kHz (+/- 0.2 dB)
– Dynamic range: 106dB (+23dBu, 22kHz BW)
– S/N ratio: 87dB (A-weighted, +4dBu, 22kHz BW, unity gain)
– Crosstalk: -83dB @ 1kHz, +18dBu, channel-to-channel
– CMRR: max 85 dB @ 3 kHz, min 52 dB @ 20Hz, 20 kHz BW
– THD: 2nd: < 0.06%, 3rd: < 0.01%; 4th: < 0.006%; (+4 dBu, 20-20 kHz, unity gain, THD and CLIP disabled)
– balanced stereo input (XLR), 23dBu max input level (THD < 0.2%)
– balanced stereo output (XLR), 23dBu max output level (THD < 0.2% into >2kohm)
– Input impedance (differential): 48kΩ (for balanced signal)