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Bittree’s Audio TT (Bantam) patchbays are ideal for higher-density patching systems, due to their 2 x 48 jack configuration. Bittree offers the most comprehensive range of programmable audio patchbays, including our patented front panel design and internally programmable options as well. A variety of choices allows you to select from a variety of normalling, grounding, panel height, and rear connector combinations to perfectly fit your needs.

The 969-A Series features an innovative Programmable audio patchbays in a 2 x 48 1.5 or 2 RU size, and includes convenient 1-48 left-to-right numbering on the patchbay front panel for easy circuit identification.

Programmable patchbays such as the 969-A Series allow users to quickly and easily change the normals and grounding of individual circuits. Normals can be changed to full-normal, half-normal or non-normal. Grounding can be changed to bussed, isolated or looped.

Because it’s programmable, the 969-A Series can serve as the foundation for virtually any new, reconfigured or legacy installation. The end result is a patchbay that allows integrators and installers to quickly re-configure patching systems, accommodate customer change-orders, and speed service-calls.

  • • Front Programmable: Normals and Grounding for individual circuits can be easily reprogrammed without removing the patchbay from the rack; programming shunts can be accessed by removing both designation strips on the front panel
  • • Ample normalling and grounding shunts provided to support any configuration
  • • Panels made from 3/16″ (4.76 mm) solid aluminum with a durable powder-coat finish
  • • Precision-stamped reinforced steel jack frame
  • • Copper-nickel-silver alloy leaf springs with gold-plated cross bar switching contacts and nickel-plated sleeve bushings
  • • Jacks rated to 30,000 minimum insertion cycles
  • • Wired with low-capacitance, AES/EBU-rated shielded, twisted pair
  • • Gold-plated contacts used in E3 and E90 rear interfaces
  • • Channel Identification: 1-48 left-to-right numbering on front panel for easy circuit ID
  • • Designation Strips: 1.5 & 2 RU: Stainless-steel sliders with white styrene and non-glare Lexan inserts
  • • Mating connectors and contacts are included with all E3 and E90 products
  • • Lacing/Tie Bar: 6″ (15.24 cm) lacing bar included with all E3 and ID (punchdown) patchbays

*Due to the wide variety of options for this patch bay, It’s not available online, please contact us directly for additional information.

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