Definitive Technology Mythos Ten System


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Mythos 10 System   MSRP:  $4394.00  (Call for our pricing)

Six-piece 5.1 channel premium on-wall home theater speaker system

If you are looking for the perfect audiophile-grade on-wall speaker solution for your 50-inch or larger on-wall flat panel TV, this is the system for you. The Mythos Ten is used as the left & right channel front speakers as well as the center channel speaker for perfect seamless sonic transitions from speaker to speaker as sonic images move across the front stage. Through the use of advanced driver and enclosure technologies used in the top-of-the-line award-winning Mythos ST SuperTower, the Mythos Ten achieves a level of performance never before available in on-wall loudspeakers.

A pair of conveniently sized Mythos Gem XLs take up the surround channel duties. Their BDSS drivers and new generation Aluminum dome tweeter perfectly match the front stage Mythos Tens to create a life-like enveloping bubble of sound. Definitive’s SuperCube Series subwoofers have been widely praised by their precise musicality as well as their awesome bass depth and dynamic range power. You will adore its performance on movies and music but your decorator will appreciate the SuperCube 6000 because of it small size and sleek appearance.

All of the components of this system are packaged and sold separately allowing you to mix and match Mythos main, center and surround models with SuperCube and ProSub subwoofer models to create the home theater system that best meets your needs. The system shown on this page is one of many possible systems that may be assembled based on the Mythos Ten.

The component parts of this system are:
Three each Mythos on-wall premium loudspeakers
Two each Mythos Gem XL surround speakers
One SuperCube 6000 compact powered subwoofer