Digital Audio Labs Livemix AD-24 Analog Input Unit


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If you have an analog based system, the AD-24 Analog Input Rack Unit takes your analog signals and converts them to digital, for use in the Livemix system. It will most likely be installed near the analog source. If this is your mixer’s Direct Outs or Inserts, then the AD-24 will be near the mixer. If you use a snake with mic preamps, it might be near the snake. 

The AD-24 receives your input signal via TRS or DB-25. The inputs pass through, so you can send your audio to the AD-24 via DB-25, and back out through the TRS if required. 

The front panel interface indicates input signal levels by LED and allows selection of -10 dBV or 4 dBu line level, which are in stereo pairs. 


*Requires optional Mix-16 or Mix-32

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Weight8 kg