Hear Back PRO Intercom Footswitch


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The PRO Intercom Footswitch allows one microphone to double as both a vocal mic and an intercom mic for the Hear Back PRO Mixer. Our Footswitch allows for hands-free switching between a vocal mic over the PA and intercom communication within a Hear Back PRO system, all over the same microphone. The footswitch can also be used in any application where a momentary A/B XLR switch is needed.

(1) female XLR input for the microphone and (2) male XLR outputs for allow you to connect to the PA system (or studio console) and a Hear Back PRO Mixer
All outputs are transformer isolated
PA connection passes phantom power to the microphone input with a bypass diode to power up condenser mics
Does not require any external power or battery

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Weight2 kg