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Palace of Arts Budapest (PAB) Pipe Organ Samples is a fully playable, freely configurable, intuitively manageable and MIDI-controllable virtual pipe organ, delivering the authentic sound of the 92-stop Pécsi-Mühleisen pipe organ of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall of the Palace of Arts, Budapest, Hungary, to your computer.

PAB Pipe Organ Samples is published in six different editions: the Small, Essential and Medium Edition, featuring a selection of stops and features, the Professional Edition and Extended Edition with all 92 stops, and the exclusive 149-stop Gravissimo Edition with unique features plus the world’s first virtual 64′ stops. A freely downloadable Trial Edition, equivalent to the Small Edition with a time restriction is is also available. For a more detailed comparison of the Editions, please click on the Editions icon above.

*Requires Hauptwerk™ software, for both PC and Macintosh computers, Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples sets a new standard in virtual pipe organs used by leading organists, professional musicians, professors and tutors, educational, worship and culture institutions, recording professionals and enthusiasts.

Despite its immense size and capabilities, it is a pipe organ you can play and take with you wherever you go, offering unprecedented flexibility and sound quality never heard before in a virtual instrument


  • The real pipe organ
    • the 2006 Pécsi-Mühleisen pipe organ of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, Palace of Arts – Budapest, Hungary; entirely virtualized
    • 92 stops, 5 manuals (with 61 keys) and pedal (with 32 keys)
    • 2 sweller pedals, 2 tremulants (tremolos), 61-stage programmable crescendo with different independent program slots
    • 2 consoles (electrical Stage and mechanical Upper)
    • Equal tuning at concert pitch (a=442 Hz)
    • a symphonic organ to perform any piece of the entire pipe organ and symphonic literature without any compromise
  • The recording
    • High Definition Sampling (HDS) — all stops were sampled chromatically at 192 kHz / 24-bit
    • Advanced Pipe Organ Measurements (APM)
    • Synchronized Sampling Technology (SST)
  • The sample set
    • 48 kHz / 24-bit format, 2-channel stereo samples
    • Natural sound image — the samples contain all spatial information as they are heard
    • 12-second notes sampled, multiple loops per sample
    • 2 original independent swellboxes and 2 original tremulants
    • 6 swellboxes and 3 tremulants (exclusive to Gravissimo Edition)
    • One-click assignable manuals, 3 swellbox pedals with adjustable range and curve (exclusive to Gravissimo Edition)
    • All combination of couplers, bass and melody switches (exclusive to Gravissimo Edition)
    • Extended compass for sub and super couplers, 149 virtual stops (exclusive to Gravissimo Edition)
    • Optional organ engine sounds and noises
    • ‘Semi-dry’ sample set with multiple release samples for providing natural concert hall reverberation and tracker action sound
      • Cathedral acoustics in Medium and Extended Editions also available out-of-the-box
    • Programmable crescendo wheel with enable/disable option
    • Ability to disable reeds, mixtures or couplers from all Crescendo wheel programs
    • Touchscreen-optimized for 4:3 displays of 1280×1024 native resolution

PAB Professional, Extended and Gravissimo Editions contain all stops and couplers of the 2006 Pécsi-Mühleisen organ. Its complete disposition (stoplist) is as follows:

Pedal (C-g’) I.  Manual, Grande orgue (C-c””) II.  Manual, Positif expressif (C-c””)
Majorbass 32′ Montre 16′ Quintatön 16′
Soubasse 32′ Principal 8′ Principal 8′
Principalbass 16′ Flute harmonique 8′ Cor de nuit 8′
Contrebasse 16′ Gamba 8′ Unda maris 8′
Violon 16′ Bourdon 8′ Salicional 8′
Soubasse 16′ Praestant 4′ Flute traversiere 8′
Grossquinte 10 2/3′ Rohrflöte 4′ Praestant 4′
Octavbass 8′ Quinte 2 2/3′ Flute conique 4′
Gedäckt 8′ Superoctave 2′ Quinte 2 2/3′
Cello 8′ Cornet 2-5x 8′ Doublette 2′
Octave 4′ Mixtur 5-7x 2 2/3′ Terz 1 3/5′
Tibia 4′ Cimbel 4-5x 1 1/3′ Larigot 11/3′
Tercsept 2x: 6 2/5′ Trompete 16′ Piccolo 1′
Zinck 3x: 5 1/3′ Trompete 8′ Mixtur 4-6x 2′
Compensum 7x 2 2/3′ Trompete 4′ Septnon 2x 8/9′ 1 1/7′
Mixtur 4x 2 2/3′ I IV m. Basson 16′
Bombarde 32′ I IV e. (Solo to G.O.) Dulzian 16′
Bombarde 16′ I III m. Trompette 8′
Basson 16′ I III e. (Réc. to G.O.) Cromorne 8′
Trompete 8′ I II m. Clarinette 8′
Clairon 4′ I II e. (Pos. to G.O.) Tremulant II.
P IV m.   II III m.
P III m.   II III e. (Réc. to Pos.)
P II m.   II IV m.
P I m.   II IV e. (Solo to Pos.)
III. Manual, Récit expressif (C-c””) IV. Manual, Solo (C-c””) V. Manual, Chamaden (C-c””)
Violon 16′ Rohrbourdon 16′ Chamade 16′
Gedeckt 16′ Principale 8′ Chamade 8′
Geigenprincipal 8′ Konzertflöte 8′ Chamade 4′
Flute harmonique 8′ Voce humana 8′ IV V (Cham. to Solo)
Gamba 8′ Nasard 5 1/3′ III V (Cham. to Réc.)
Voix céleste 8′ Octave 4′ II V (Cham. to Pos.)
Aeoline 8′ Tierce 1 3/5′ I V (Cham. to G.O.)
Bourdon a cheminée 8′ Septieme 2 2/7′ P V (Cham. to Ped.)
Violine 4′ Flute 2′ IV IV 4′ (Solo to Solo, 4′)
Flute octaviante 4′ Sesquialtera 2 2/3′ 1 3/5′ IV IV 16′ (Solo to Solo, 16′)
Nasard 2 2/3′ Plein jeu 3-5x 2 2/3′ III III 4′ (Réc. to Réc, 4′)
Octavin 2′ Cor anglais 8′ III III 16′ (Réc. to Réc, 16′)
Tierce 1 3/5′ Tuba mirabilis 8′ II III 4′ (Réc. to Pos. 4′)
Progressio 2-4x 2′ Walze II III 16′ (Réc. to Pos. 16′)
Cymbale 4x 1′ Koppeln aus Walze I IV 4′ (Solo to G.O. 4′)
Bombarde 16′ Mixturen aus Walze I IV 16′ (Solo to G.O. 16′)
Basson-Hautbois 8′ Zungen aus Walze I III 4′ (Réc to G.O. 16′)
Trompette harmonique 8′ P IV e. (Solo to Ped.) I III 16′ (Réc. to G.O. 16′)
Voix humaine 8′ P III e. (Réc. to Ped.) I II 4′ (Pos. to G.O. 4′)
Clairon harmonique 4′ P II e. (Pos. to Ped.) I II 16′ (Pos. to G.O. 16′)
Tremulant III. P I e. (G.O. to Ped.) P IV 4′ (Solo to Ped. 4′)
III IV m.   P III 4′ (Réc. to Ped. 4′)
III IV e. (Solo to Réc.)    

The couplers labeled with “m” and “e” are mechanic and electric couplers, respectively.


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