Merging Technologies 8 ch. Mic/Line A/D and DA module, up to 192 kHz


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The Merging ADA8 is an 8 channel Mic/Line /D and DA mocule capable of sample rates up to 192kHz.  This card will work with either HORUS or HAPI audio interfaces.  

Two cards can be added to a Merging HAPI allowing for 16 in and 16 out.

Six cards can be added to a Merging HORUS allowing for 48 in and 48 out.



  • 8 x exceptionally transparent, Swiss designed pre-amplifiers
  • Remote/Local switch to Line Level on a per channel basis
  • Completely accessible remotely for all parameter changes
  • Phantom Power/Phase/Low Cut/Impedance switchable per channel
  • Dynamic range of 120dB (A-weighted, typ) on the Line inputs
  • Auto-mute circuitry for “no-pop” power cycling
  • Digitally controlled output trims for line up procedures
  • Dynamic range of 123dB (A-weighted, typ.) on the Line outputs


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