Presonus NOTION 6


Offering outstanding ease of use and the finest playback quality of any music notation product,


Presonus NOTION 6

Offering outstanding ease of use and the finest playback quality of any music notation product, PreSonus® Notion®6 features samples recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and other stellar musicians and provides broad compatibility with third-party VST sound libraries. Known for its speedy workflow, Notion lets you enter music with its interactive Keyboard, Fretboard, and Drum Pad or using its new handwriting-recognition feature for Mac, Windows, and iOS. Compose and print traditional notation or tablature. Create lead sheets with lyrics and chords from a generous chord library or create your own. And only Notion allows you to create a score on your Mac or Windows computer and transfer it back and forth to your iPad, where you can continue to edit.

Notion 6 enables you to perform your scores live, following your tapped tempo, and even offers features you expect in a digital audio workstation, such as an eight-bus mixer, a guitar amp simulator, reverb, and PreSonus’ Native Effects compressor, limiter, and EQ plug-ins from the company’s Studio One DAW. Notion 6 is integrated with Studio One, making it quick and easy to send audio, note data, track data, and score data back and forth between Studio One and Notion as you develop your project.

f you compose to picture, Notion 6 is your new best friend, with powerful video scoring features. Other scoring software falls short when it comes to supporting modern video file formats, but Notion handles all of the most important modern formats—and Notion is the only major scoring program that handles video natively on 64-bit Windows.In addition to Studio One integration, Notion 6 plays well with other programs, offering real-time audio and MIDI ReWire support as either host or slave and the ability to import and export MusicXML, WAV, MP3, MIDI, and legacy Guitar Pro files and save scores as PDFs. You can record, edit, and overdub MIDI performance data, and a distinctive Sequencer Overlay enables you to see notation and MIDI performance data on the same staff. Want to share audio files online? Simply upload them to SoundCloud® from within Notion!Notion 6 adds new layout tools that let you drag notes, measure lines, time signatures, and more, while avoiding accidental respacing. Show and hide parts independently by system for minimal wasted space and maximum readability. Even drag entire systems up and down on the page to adjust the spacing; when you let go, Notion re-justifies the layout.Notion 6 works great with Windows 8 and 10 touchscreens. It looks great, too, thanks to support for Windows high-DPI and Mac Retina displays. It comes with the new Notion Score Library, a collection of public domain scores in the Notion format. And the price is amazing.