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Pyramix Virtual Studio – Swiss tools for Immersive Sound Design, Music, Post & Mastering

No matter what the worw, no matter how big the project you are about to start, Pyramix Virtual Studio will provide. From the most influential orchestras and acoustic ensembles, to industry acclaimed cinema and television, to Grammy® winning engineers, Pyramix gives users Swiss precision and quality in every step of the audio production.

Immersive Audio Made SimpleWorld-Class RAVENNA Interface

Immersive sound, 3D sound, Atmos and Auro to name but a few of the names for it, the addition of height speakers to surround sound mixes in both music and audio for picture production has completely taken hold in the industry. Pyrers a 100% integrated X/Y/Z Panner which offers the ability to move mono or multichannel sources into speaker arrays of any size and in any standard or manually designed configuration. MassCore or Native Pyramix systems, Horus is the ultimate audio interface for any production scenario.•  OTT music and audio for picture production• Gaming and VR content production• Theatrical and experiential sound design• Dolby Atmos, Auro3D, DTS X and other standard workflows.

Special Tools for Special Workflows supported like they should be

Some other workstations may be great for general worws, and so is Pyramix.But, when it comes to ultra-specialised industries requiring a level of sophisticationand extended usability in the toolkit, Pyramix shines through again.• Archival / audio forensics / metadata editing• ADR with VCube for video• Source & destination editing for acoustic music• DSD, DXD & SACD• CD and digital download mastering• Immersive sound design

RAVENNA/ AES67 Create a Pyramix Ecosystem with IP Audio

Imagine a world where every single input and output connection in your whole facility, from DAW to audio interface, pre-amp to speaker, room to room, was able to connect together without a need for a single patch bay. It is the RAVENNA world where, just as we are used to in our ‘connected’ lives, we can live in a studio environment having everything connected to everything else. In a RAVENNA network, Pyramix and Horus become nodes allowing routing from any input into the network to any number of outputs the user desires. If you can dream up the connection, Pyramix and Horus using RAVENNA can make it happen.

MassCore Audio Engine Still the most Powerful Audio Engine ever

With one of the highest track counts available in any DAW, 384 tracks at 44.1/48kHz is just the beginning. • 192 channels@96kHz / 96 channels@192kHz / 64 channels@DXD/DSD! MassCore also allows for an immense number of mix busses, EQ’s and Dynamics and metering at the same time. Relying on Intel processing but side stepping the issues and instabilities cause by using a ‘host-based’ paradigm of operation, MassCore presents the user with the stabilities, power and low latency features usually associated with proprietary hardware only. MassCore is more powerful than the rest, more cective in the short and long term, and morxible than any other technology on the market today.

Pyramix Software is available in the following packages:

Pyramix Essentials

A low cost with big functions for any Pyramix user, this version brings the all editing capabilities without having to spend on any bells and whistles. Limitations is on the mixer. Perfect as a craft editor, basic mastering station, field recorder or any other smaller endeavour, Pyramix Essentials is a great tool.

Pyramix Native

The perfect tool for acoustic music production, radio production and mastering. Pyramix software is the award winning workstation used by most of the world’s most respected acoustical sound engineers. With Pyramix Native, Merging Technologies brings you all the tools you will need to capture, edit, mix and master your next music production in a cost effective solution.

Pyramix Native Pro

When you need more power, more tracks and higher sample rates, you need to go Pro. Pyramix Native Pro offers and extended feature set for use in music and music mastering as well as post production for radio film at TV, matched with sample rate support up to 384 kHz and DXD/DSD256!

Pyramix MassCore

When latency starts to count and being able to rely on a stable, proprietary DSP engine is what your studio needs… MassCore is the answer. Pyramix MassCore comes with all the advanced features that the Pyramix software has to offer along with possibly the lowest guaranteed latency from In->Out ever seen and native engine connectivity to RAVENNA & AES67 AoIP technology.

Pyramix MassCore Extended

When Track count starts to matter as well, and you not only need to guarantee blisteringly low latencies, but also immense I/O capabilities, then MassCore Extended is the choice for you. With extended track count possibilities (3x that of MassCore!) along with and additional multi-core MassCore Engine, this is by far the most powerful DAW you will ever find.

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