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Inline Signal Booster

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dBooster is a phantom-powered ribbon and dynamic microphone signal booster and impedance buffer. It increases the level of passive low-output ribbon and dynamic microphones with a minimum of distortion or coloration. Designed for professional applications, the dBooster provides two levels of clean gain boost; 12dB and 20dB, selectable by a front panel switch. The dBooster maintains headroom and gain regardless of load.

• Miking any low-volume sound source (acoustic instruments, vocals, etc.)
• Recording direct to a DAW interface
• Use on long cable runs to retain sound quality

• 12dB and 20dB gain stages
• High input impedance
• Low output impedance
• Rugged case construction
• Ultra-low noise performance
• Ultra-low distortion
• Wide frequency bandwidth

• Safe for use on all ribbon mics
• Increases headroom at the preamp
• Provides true electrical isolation
• Protects ribbon mics from
• Minimizes mic loading
•  Capable of driving difficult loads, such as mic splitters and vintage style preamps, without increased distortion or loss of gain

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