Rupert Neve 5211


2 Channel Mic Pre

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5211 2-Channel Mic Pre

The 5211 is the natural evolution of what is arguably the most famous gear in audio recording history.  With two channels of the classic tone you know and love, 72dB of gain, sweepable high-pass filters for precise control.  Featuring Rupert’s dual-tap transformers with variable Silk saturation. The 5211 delivers a versatile, flattering, and uncompromising front end for any signal path. Complementing the Silk circuit is the custom-designed output transformer from the renowned Shelford Channel. This offers both full-headroom ( 26dBu) and -6dB outputs which allows you to drive the unit fully into classic transformer saturation without clipping converters and other devices later in the chain.



A 12-way precision rotary switch controls gain from 0 to 66 dB in 6 dB steps.


Continuously variable +/-6 dB level control.


Pushing the Silk button engages the red Silk circuit, which reduces the negative feedback on the output transformer, adding harmonic content as the texture is increased. Red Silk accentuates the saturation in the mid and high frequencies, similar to that of the red silk mode on the Shelford Channel. By manipulating the Texture control, the amount of Silk can be changed from essentially absent, to roughly 10 times the amount of coloration / distortion found in Silk from the original Portico Series. With Silk / Texture engaged, the distortion characteristic and harmonic content of the unit are very reminiscent of many of Rupert’s vintage class-A designs.

Level Meter

An eight-segment LED bar-graph meter displays output level (pre-Silk). from -30 dBu to +22 dBu.


Reverses the polarity of the input signal.

High Pass Filter

Continuously variable from 20Hz to 250 Hz, and engaged with the HPF button.

Phantom Power

Provides 48V phantom power to microphones.

-6dB Output

A secondary split off the output transformer with a lower headroom, designed to allow engineers to fully drive the output of the 5211 without clipping converters and other devices.