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Mastering Compressor / Limiter / SFE

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Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss Processor

The Master Buss Processor is a unique mixing and mastering device in that it brings together three distinct elements; the compressor, limiter and stereo field editor. While these three separate components are used in their own individual products, the MBP gives the ability to combine the three, enhancing the creative potential of each feature. Although the feature set is quite expansive, signal paths are minimal, and only incorporate the utilized components. All in all, the Portico II MBP is an outstanding tool for mixing and mastering.


For signals below the “threshold” level that has been set, a compressor provides a linear path allowing signals to be amplified without the gain being adjusted in any way. When signals exceed the “threshold” level, the gain is reduced in a controlled manner that depends on the Ratio that has been set.


GAIN range provided is from 0dB to +20 dB. When compression has taken place, the gain control is necessary to increase the overall gain to restore the program level.


Musically transparent brick-wall limiting activated when the signal reaches the limiter threshold. Attack time is .03 mS in order to reduce the first half of a 20 kHz waveform over the threshold, with Serial Adaptive Release.

Bypass All

Hardwire bypass for MBP, including the input and output transformers


Continuously variable control for Silk and Silk+ modes allows the engineer to fine tune the harmonic ratio and tonality of each channel


Changes the VCA Detection from a forward feed design (fast, more accurate attack & release) to a feed back design (smoother, more musical response)

Peak / RMS Compression Selection

When engaged, the MBP compressor uses a combination of peak and RMS (average) detection to trigger the VCA set below 1ms. When disengaged, it follows RMS alone.


Introduces a HPF at 125Hz to the VCA side chain signal. This allows the compressor to disregard sustained low frequency content.


Range from 1:1 to LIMIT (i.e. 40:1)


Range from -30dBu to +20dBU

Attack Time

Range from 20 mS to 75 mS.

Release / Recovery Time

Range of RELEASE time is 100 mS to 2.5 Seconds.

Stereo Operation

When the LINK switch is engaged, channel A becomes the master control, and any gain reduction happens simultaneously in both channels

LED Meters

Four Peak LED METERS are provided that show stereo output levels and gain reduction.

Output level meter covers the range from -10 to +22 dBu and above which is regarded as overload.

The reduction is calibrated in dB covering the range 1 to 22 dBu, reading from top to bottom

Side Chain Send/Return

External compressor side chain send and return on 2 x TRS jacks. The send is always active and normalled to the return (NOTE: If the send and return are connected to a patchbay, the send should be normalled or connected to the return by default, as the compressor will not trigger if the return has no signal

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