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A stereo matched pair CMC621 Set


(2) CMC 6U with your choice of patterns in a matched pair, (2) SG20 stand clamps, B5 D popscreens 

in a special wood box.  Each Set is hand-prepared, quality assured.

The CMC 6U is the default body of choice in all our Microphone Sets. For an additional upgrade cost you can choose the CMC 6 xt body version for 20 Hz to 40 kHz response when used with axially addressed capsules (Not side addressed like MK 8, MK 4V etc.). By special request we can also provide CMC 5U bodies as well in any Mono Set for the same price as the CMC 6U. We only recommend this for users who are integrating the new microphone(s) in with existing Schoeps that have a CMC 5U amplifier body. The CMC 6U’s feature benefits, such as the RFI rejection and low-end response make it the best amplifier choice. Colette Mono and Stereo Sets are among the most popular items in the vast Schoeps range of products.



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Weight 5 lbs
Colette Set Options

MK2 Near Field Omni, MK2 Near Field Omni H's, MK2 Universal Omni S's, MK21 Colette Stereo Set, MK21 Wide Cardioid Capsules, MK22 Open Cardioid Capsules, MK41 Cardioid Capsules, MK5 Switchable Omni/Cardioid Capsule