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Warm Audio WA-8000

The WA-8000 lives up to the sonic legacy that continues to foster die-hard fans to this day. Boasting a natural and open top end, supremely clear midrange, and the ability to render detail in a vocal performance unlike most other mics on the planet, let alone in this price range. A true studio workhorse equipped to capture any voice or acoustic instrument with elite results.


New Old Stock 6AU6 tube

After rigorously testing and comparing many different brands, the New Old Stock, military-grade 6AU6 tube provides a wide dynamic range, the ability to flawlessly capture an open room, distinctive midrange, extremely low noise levels, and a rich sonic clarity that met the strict standards we set for this mic.

Custom transformer from Lundahl Sweden

With such a simple circuit design, it was imperative that we found the perfect transformer to marry the tube and capsule with the rest of the circuit. We had great success with the Lundahl Transformers in our WA-67, it only made sense to test it in our WA-8000. Sure enough, there was a major sonic difference during the testing phase that left us no other choice but to go with the Lundahl transformers from Sweden for this recreation.

All-brass K67-style capsule, wired straight to the tube

The microphone we used as inspiration was built around a K67-style capsule, which has a long history as one of the top capsules to use for vocal microphones. A crucial piece to the equation when capturing subtle nuances and open room clarity from the audio source. Once we nailed the proper hole pattern and frequency response, we machined our capsule fully out of brass, including the tensioning hoops.

Custom-design external tube mount/heat sink lowers self-noise

The 6AU6 tube sits in a custom-designed external heat sink assembly, which draws heat away from the tube and the internal workings of the microphone without a need for active electronics. Having the tube operate within its ideal temperature range helps lower the noise floor and distortion. The external heat sink additionally helps make tube changes a snap. The WA-8000 achieves the highest measured signal-to-noise ratio, true to original spec at 76db (unidirectional) and 73db (omnidirectional).

Boutique 7-pin GAC-7 tube cable from Gotham Switzerland

The cable used to connect a tube microphone to its power supply is hyper-important. The cable must provide power to the mic’s tube and electronics while also sending audio from the mic back down to the supply. Most importantly, the cable must do no harm to the signal. Cutting corners on this cable can marginalize the performance, and thus, your sound. We continue to use Gotham Switzerland’s brilliant GAC-7 cable for all of our tube microphone designs. Gotham uses vintage-correct construction techniques, highly upgraded copper, and over-the-top shielding methods to achieve perfect RF rejection. It’s the only acceptable standard for serious, studio-grade gear, and that’s why it’s the best 7-pin cable that we can provide with the WA-8000.

Includes hard carrying case for all components

Safely transport your mic anywhere with the ultra-durable Warm Audio carrying case.


Frequency Response: 20Hz–20kHz

Max SPL: 131dB (cardioid), 134dB (omni)

Output Impedance: 100 ohms

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 76dB (cardioid), 73dB (omni)

Sensitivity: -33dB/Pa (cardioid), -36dB/Pa (omni)

Self-noise: 15dB (A-weighted) cardioid, 17dB (A-weighted) omni

Tube: 6AU6

Power Source: External 7-pin power supply (included)