Arturia FX Collection


15 awesome software effect plugins


Arturia FX Collection

A collection of software effects that combine music industry heritage with futuristic features, and unparalleled sound quality.  Utilizing TAE “True Analog Emulation”, this process involves measuring the responses and unique behavior of all electronic components in a machine.  Then Arturia recreates these quirky, often surprising findings using detailed algorithms. When there is a perfect match, then Arturia rebuilds the machine as software.

Improving on perfection

We rebuilt these effects from the ground up, and while we did it, we added incredibly powerful, very contemporary features to satisfy even the most demanding modern producers. Side chaining, envelope followers, filtering and EQ at different stages, and more. All of these features are optional, of course. If you just want to enjoy the original effect, you can!

Exciting, original effects

Some of the plugins in FX Collection are totally original Arturia designs. Based on years of research, we created these custom effects based on the wishlists of the engineers we met and feedback from musicians like you. These new effects share the same incredible quality as their “retro” counterparts, but offer entirely new sound-shaping abilities.


Main Features

  • 15 software effects, created using TAE® physical and circuit modeling.
  • All effects can be used in your DAW as a VST, AU, AAX plug-in
  • Beautiful, incredibly detailed, high-res interfaces.
  • Modern touches: side chaining, mid-side processing, look-ahead tracking.
  • Great sounding presets with sound designer notes and parameter highlights.
  • In-app tutorials to help you get the best out of each plug-in.

Included Plugins:

Comp VCA 65. –  Comp TUBE-STA. –  Comp FET-76 –  Delay TAPE-201. –  Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE. –  Delay ETERNITY. –  Rev PLATE-140. Rev INTENSITY. –  Rev SPRING 636. –  Pre 1973. –  Pre TridA. –  Pre V76  –  Filter MINI. –  Filter M12. –  Filter SEM

This is an electronic download.  Once order is finalized we will deliver the download code and instructions.