Audient ASP8024-HE-36 Ch. Large Format Mixing Console


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The ASP8024-HE is a premium recording and mixing console designed by analog “guru” David Dearden, ASP8024 combines Audient’s legendary analog circuitry with the optional Dual Layer innovative DAW control and automation package to provide the ultimate centre piece for production studios and education facilities.

Each of the input channels features Audient’s impressive Class A preamp and 4 band EQ – a combination so versatile that many ASP8024 equipped studios no longer find the need for outboard preamps and EQ. The console features 24 bus routing, 12 auxes, 2 dedicated cue sends, 4 stereo returns, stereo bus compressor and a comprehensive monitor section.


  • Fully featured in-line architecture.
  • 80 inputs in on 36 channel version.
  • Full 24-track routing.
  • Ergonomic control surface with clear status feedback.
  • Extended range, splittable equalisers.
  • 14 auxiliary buses.
  • Unique modular construction for easy serviceability.
  • Integral compressors on stereo bus.
  • Selection for Main plus 3 alternate control room speakers.
  • Comprehensive communications.


The Dual Layer Control module provides intuitive control of your DAW session via an Ethernet connection. In the DAW layer, eight moving faders access the DAW channel levels and can be banked across the entire session. Numerous control features are available including transport control, track record enable and plug in selection and editing, providing hands-on control and navigation of your session.

With one push of the DAW button, the control surface switches to the analog layer and allows you to automate eight analog paths via the moving faders. These fader moves can be recorded into your DAW using Audient’s unique plug in – FaderLink, which can be inserted into a channel or sub group within your session. FaderLink is available free of charge to all registered Audient users.

Each of the eight analog channels has a source and destination switch allowing any combination of external I/O and sub group paths to be selected. Pan controls and mix buttons allow you to route the channels directly to the mix and position them in the stereo field – so with 8 external sources switched to the mix bus and further inputs feeding the sub group faders, a 24 channel console becomes a 24 8 8 long fader console providing a total of 72 analog inputs.

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