Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer


Bettermaker Analog Mastering EQ

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Analog mastering equalizer, 4 parametric bands plus high and low pass sections, passive pultec style section,
399 recallable presets via internal memory or DAW, Plug-in control and automation, Stereo, Dual Mono,
M/S operation modes, input/output RTA, touchscreen display with realtime EQ curve representation & more.

– 399 presets with total recall and A/B comparison
– 5? Capacitive touchscreen w/ four push button encoders
– All parameters digitally controlled by touchscreen or DAW control with dedicated plugin
– USB Connectivity
– Stereo 12 or 24dB/Oct. high pass filter w/ adjustable cutoff freq. (10 Hz to 240 Hz) extended to 6Hz w/ resonance enabled
– Four stereo parametric filter w/ 15dB boot/cut and variable Q (.2 -7)
– Eq1. 22Hz – 470Hz. (bell/shelf)
– Eq2. 90Hz – 2kHz (bell)
– Eq3. 480Hz ? 10kHz (bell)
– Eq4. 1kHz ? 23kHz (bell/shelf)
– Stereo passive eq w/ extended high boost section. (air bands: 20 & 28 kHz)
– Stereo, 12dB/oct low-pass filter w/ adjustable cutoff freq. (2-38 kHz)
– Adjustable output level (+/- 10dB)
– Freq Search, Gain Lock, Note and Auto-Q functions
– On board measurement of Peak/RMS levels and RTA analyzer
– On screen live representation of eq curve

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