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Multi-channel dialogue noise suppressor w/DANTE

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CEDAR’s DNS 8 Live Dialogue Noise Suppression Technology is the standard for removing background noise from dialogue. ¬†It was specifically designed for Live Sound and Live Broadcasting.

Clean up Dialogue in House of Worship, Concert Halls, Theaters and other types of venues.  Offering a near-zero latency, 40-bit processing, and a fast, intuitive user interface, it eliminates traffic noise, air conditioning, wind, rain, babble and general background noise from audio signals. It will also help to compensate for unfavorable acoustic conditions and poor microphone placement, and will even suppress excessive reverberation.

The latest revision of the DNS 8 Live offers fail-safe audio bypass implemented in the form of hardware relays that immediately connect the inputs to the outputs in the event of a power failure or other significant disruption. This means that the DNS 8 Live can now be installed with confidence in critical paths within the broadcast chain.

The DNS 8 Live incorporates eight simultaneous channels of dialogue noise suppression (formatted as AES3 on XLR sockets plus DB25 using the AES59 pin-out) it hosts a new DNS algorithm boasting a simplified ‘2-knob’ approach as well as a detailed editing mode that offers more control than any previous dialogue noise suppressor.