DAD Core 256


Core 256 Audio Interface with 256 ch. Thunderbolt 3, 256 ch. Dante I/O, up-to 192 ch. MADI I/O, 16 ch. ADAT and Pro|Mon summing and processing.

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The Core 256 Audio Interface provides Thunderbolt 3, Dante, MADI and ADAT connectivity. Core 256 is a digital router and monitoring interface with 256 ch. Thunderbolt 3 I/O, 256 ch. Dante AoIP I/O, MADI 64 ch. BNC I/O, 16 ch. ADAT dual TosLink I/O, which can also be  2 ch. S/PDIF, as well as built-in Pro|Mon  with 256×64 ch. summing and speaker EQ processing.

Further, Core 256 comes with the option for expanding MADI connectivity with 128 ch. via a MADI SFP I/O modules.

Core 256 is the perfect near-zero audio interface for any DAW and Dolby Atmos® rendering applications. In short, it is simply the missing link that streamlines and optimizes multichannel workflows seamlessly. The size and shape of Core 256 fits nicely for sharing a 1U rack shelf with a Mac Mini running a Dolby Atmos® Renderer or a DAW application.

The DAD Thunder |Core Technology provides a Thunderbolt 3 connection with near-zero latency for interfacing between audio applications on macOS or Windows computers and Core 256. You get a fast Thunderbolt 3/PCIe connection with only 9 samples of latency, including EQ and summing processing within the unit.

Further, with tons of channels, a wide palette of digital connectivity, built-in SPQ processing, Eucon control compatibility via DADman, internal summing engine and drivers for macOS and Windows 10, it is a pristine digital audio interface by any measure and is ready to take on any digital audio conversion and routing task.

Onboard Dante, MADI and ADAT ports combined with versatile and flexible DADman routing control makes it a stellar D/D converter that easily grabs any digital audio channel – converts it if needed – and routes it virtually anywhere.As a dedicated audio interface, Core 256 is simply your super low-latency entrance. It integrates effortlessly with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper, or any other DAW, and with the comprehensive connectivity, you can easily add external gear such as analog preamps or processors to the mix.


  • Up to 1,744 Input and Output Channels
    • Multi-Format Audio A/D, D/A and D/D Converter
    • Router and Monitoring Interface
  • Thunderbolt 3 I/O (256 Ch.)
    • Dante AoIP I/O (256 Ch.)
    • MADI I/O (64 to 192 Ch.)
    • ADAT I/O (16 Ch.) / S/PDIF (2 ch.)
    • 8 Slots for Optional Multi-Format DAD I/O Cards
    • 512×64 Ch. Pro|Mon Summing and Speaker EQ Processing

• 2 Thunderbolt 3 Ports (each w. 15W power)
• 256 Bidirectional Channels at 48 & 96 kHz
• ASIO / Core Audio Thunderbolt PCIe Drivers
• MADI on BNC (64 ch.)
• ADAT / TosLink Lightpipe (16 Ch.)
• DANTE: 256 Ch. at 48 kHz, 128 Ch. at 96kHz, 64 Ch. at 192 kHz (IP Core)

  • Module Slot for Optional 2 x SFP (LC Fiber or HD/BNC Coax) (2 x 64 ch.)
    • WC I/O
  • SPQ: 64 Ch. with 16 Filters
    • Pro|Mon Support
  • Summing Processor 64 Output / 512 Input Busses
    • Internal Router: 4096 x 4096
    • 32bit Floating Point Processing
    • 8 Slots for Any Available Expansion Cards
    • Avid Eucon Enabled Devices via DADman
    • Apple Silicon M1 and Intel Compatible Software
    • Control via Ethernet or Thunderbolt Connection
    • 12V DC External Power (Max 60W)
    • ½ Rack Unit 1U Height

• Core Audio Thunder|Core Audio Driver
• Compatible with Intel and Apple Silicon (M1) processors, as well as Big Sur macOS and forward
• Core Audio Aggregates for More Applications I/O Control Connection for DADman 


  • ASIO Thunder|Core Audio Driver
    • Compatible with Windows 10 and forward
    • One Application Can Connect to the Asio Driver
    • Control Connection for DADman