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SC204 ?2-way, 4″ Active Nearfield Monitor

The SC204 are the smallest speakers in our studio monitors line. And they were built with quality in mind.

If you are working at home, or in a music or post-production studio, a small pair of monitors should not compromise the quality of your results. It should serve as a second pair of ears. The SC204 may have a small footprint. But don’t let their size deceive you, these monitors sound bigger than many monitors twice their size!

The SC204 also have the convenience of threaded screw inserts on the bottom and the back. That way, you can mount your SC204 on a regular microphone or speaker stand, or use the back plate for different wall mounting options available on the market.

Freq. Response: 64Kz -21kHz

Power Output: Woofer 50W

Power Output Tweeter 50W