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FL Studio Signature Edition is your all-in-one virtual studio serving all your sequencing, audio recording & editing needs. Comes with AudioTracks, Full Mixer, ASIO recording, WAV editor and these additional FL plugins listed below.  This edition is ideal for Full song creation & extra plugins


Signature Edition Includes the following plus much more…

Sytrus – Hybrid Synthesizer – subtractive but addictive A disruptive innovation in software synthesis, nothing else compares to the diversity Sytrus packs. FM, RM & Subtractive synthesis – have it all!

Maximus  –delivers transparent peak limiting and volume maximization without coloration of the processed sound. Maximus excels equally well as a final mastering plugin or as a per-track effect. Lock and load.

Edison  – a fully host-integrated audio editing and recording tool that loads into any VST compatible effects location and will then record or play audio from that position.

Slicex  – Slicex uses advanced beat detection algorithms to slice song/percussion samples into pieces and make them independently playable from the Piano roll or controller.Slicex uses advanced beat detection algorithms

            to slice song/percussion samples into pieces and make them independently playable from the Piano roll or controller.

Vocodex  – Vocodex is simply one of the best sounding vocoders on the market today. Try the demo and hear why Vocodex is the last word in vocoding

FL Flowstone  – Create virtual instruments, effects & controller plugins without the need to write programming code. Use them in FL Studio in ‘FL Studio native’ format and share with other FlowStone users. FL Flowstone

                       free included with Producer and higher.

GM Synth  – a multitimbral hybrid synthesizer & FX channel from Groove Synth.

Bass Drum  – BassDrum is a flexible Bass/Kick drum synthesizer with sample-layer support. Get ready to rumble…your neighbors!

Harmless  – Harmless is an additive synthesizer doing subtractive synthesis. Or if you prefer, a subtractive synthesizer powered by an additive synthesis engine.

Gross Beat  – Play with time! Gross Beatis a time and volume manipulation effect designed for repetition, scratching & gating effects.

Hardcore  – stomp-boxes can be neatly arranged on the Hardcore pedalboard, each with it’s own distinctive ‘hardware’ flavour. But wait, there’s more (as they say), Hardcore includes an 8 band graphic EQ and 5 classic

                 cabinet simulations to tie it all together into one massive sound. You will be feeling at home with Hardcore in no time at all, but more importantly sounding like famous people.  

                  INCLUDES:  Distortion, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Delay, Noise Gate, Equalizer, Compression and Modulator

Direct Wave (Player and Full)  – DirectWave is one of the most complete VSTi sampler currently available. t loads and edits most of the existing sound formats³ out there (WAV (any), SF2 (Soundfont), AKP (Akai),  

                                              Propellerheads Recycle, Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt *(nki), GIGA *(gig) & eMagic EXS24, …) and it can even sample your existing VSTi instruments.

Newtone  – NewTone (editor) is a pitch-correction and time manipulation editor. Slice, correct, edit vocals, instrumentals and other recordings.

Pitcher –  Pitcher (effect) is a real-time pitch correction and manipulation plugin. This time it gains a new user interface and more advanced features.

Video Player  

Sound Font Player – The Soundfont Player is an FL Studio add-on that gives you the power to load, play and render soundfonts (.sf2 files) in FL Studio.

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