Focal Twin6 Be (each)


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Focal Twin6 Be is a 3 way near-field shielded monitor.  The Twin6 Be is the best seller of the Focal Professional range and the most versatile work tool in the SM6 line. It represents the only necessary solution for recording, mixing and mastering. The image precision, treble definition as well as midrange neutrality are at the heart of its reputation.

Furthermore, the design of the Twin6 Be permits a high SPL while at the same time offering a stable tonal balance. One of the two 6.5″ woofers works in large band (midrange – bass) whereas the other reproduces from 40 to 150Hz. This creates a bass that preserves all the signal dynamics, without any masking effect in the midrange, thereby keeping all its neutrality and transparency. Additional control of the bass register is accomplished by fine-tuning on the control plate on the back of the Twin6 Be in order to obtain a perfect mirror configuration with its mate. The Twin6 Be can be installed vertically or horizontally to respond to the space requirements of each studio.

Bass/Mid Driver 6-1/2” W cone mid / 6-1/2” W cone woofer
High-Freq. Driver 1″ Pure Beryllium tweeter
Freq. Response 40Hz – 40kHz
Amplifiers 150W / 150W / 100W
Special Features Input level switch / LF & HF contour


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Weight 30.8 kg