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Hauptwerk Technical Support  -inital Setup

Hauptwerk is a very powerful Virtual Pipe Organ software package that can be daunting to initially setup with your midi keyboards, midi organ, multi-channel speakers, etc.  Therefore after many requests, we now offer this 45 minute initial setup support plan.  At the end of the session, your software will be configured and ready to play from your keyboards or midi organ console.  This Support Option includes the following:

• Configure Hauptwerk to recognize Midi Controllers/Midi Organ Console

• Setup One Sample Set with necessary rank audio adjustments and configure multiple outputs and Sub.

• Assign Combinations, Pistons, couplers, Swell Shoes, keyboards

• Hauptwerk Operation Tutorial (understanding the software and various menu items)

This support option requires an internet connection to your Hauptwerk Computer for Remote Login by Audio DAWg while simultaneously being on a phone call.


NOTE:  If you are using a Digital Organ with MIDI, you will need to refer to your owners manual for detailed information as to what Midi functionality will be available.  Typically, keyboards and pedalboard are fine.  However, verification of Midi Implementation will need to be confirmed in your organ owners manual for combinations, pistons, couplers, Sw shoe controls for use with Hauptwerk.



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