Metric Halo Production Bundle v2


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Production Bundle is a suite of signal processing plug-ins that let you stop recording and start making records. With all the critical tools you need to shape, tame, manipulate, and master your tracks, it is the essential audio engineering toolset that no one should be without.

Included in this amazing bundle are the following plugins:

MH Channel Strip: features an Expander, Compressor, multi-band EQ, and a limiter, ChannelStrip provides a unified interface for processing your tracks. It also includes phase invert, channel delay, comprehensive metering and SpectraFoo? spectrum analysis – so you can see your audio as well as you can hear it.

MH Character: add gloss and sheen of classic analog tube and solid state input stages as well as soft saturation characteristics of a transformer coupled analog console.

MH HaloVerb: add the sound and depth of a vintage echo chamber with an easy to use interface to your audio tracks.

MH Dirty Delay: an incredible sound feedback delay processor with integrated Filters and Character in the feeback path. Includes dual delay lines, crossfeed, feedback and distortion control. Perfect for creating vintage echo and tape delay sounds.

MH Precision DeEsser: tame those stubborn sibilant sounds with this high precision linear-phase filter block..

MH Multiband Dynamics: an essential mastering tool to add clarity, warmth and punch to your mix. It shapes timbral quality of your audio by running it through a three-band crossover, and providing independent compression in each frequency range before summing the result through a limiter. Without compression, you can broadly shape the timbre of your tracks, and if you need dynamic range control or dynamic EQ, simply enable the compressor for the band.

MH Multiband Expander: suppress and control noise in your tracks in a frequency-sensitive way. The 3-band phase-coherent crossover network directs the audio to three independent expanders that you configure to smoothly suppress noise below the threshold you specify. The expanders can also be configured to change the feel of rhythmic patterns by suppressing elements that are played more softly ? all in a frequency-sensitive way. Multiband Expander features SpectraFoo? spectral analysis to allow you to zero-in on crossover points and thresholds quickly and with confidence. The Multiband feature of the expander is extremely useful for controlling noise and hum in guitar tracks, as you can attack the noise more aggressively than the desired signal.
MH TransientControl – is a plug-in that allows you to modify dynamics in ways that just aren?t possible with traditional compressors. You can directly change the transient (?attack?) and sustain of your audio; this allows you to make your tracks more punchy, or smooth them out so they sit in a mix. TransientControl analyzes your audio and distinguishes between the onset of sounds (the attack), the sustain of sounds and the decay of sounds (the release). With three gain controls you can dial in the relative level of these three elements of the sound. TransientControl can enhance the attacks of finger-picked guitar, or mute the attack of strumming. Use it to make an instrument sit in the mix or pop out. Control the snap of a snare without affecting the ring. Even use it to change the feel of a percussion pattern.