Rascal Audio Analogue ToneBuss – 16 Channel Summing


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TONE. It’s what Rascal Audio’s Analogue ToneBuss is all about. Not bells and whistles — not a bunch of unwanted features you don’t need and won’t use. Just large, full, detailed, opulent, analogue TONE! The kind you’d expect from a classic British recording desk of the early 1970’s. The Analogue ToneBuss uses all discrete, class-A circuitry (no IC’s) with custom wound input and output transformers specifically designed to provide the larger-than-life punch and authority of the most coveted vintage signal paths. Additionally, the Analogue ToneBuss supports the instant recall of your DAW by offering minimal, practical facilities, all on logable rotary switches, so you can use your time for mixing instead of wasting it just recalling your previous settings.

If you’d love your DAW mixes to possess the dynamic richness and spacial definition of those mixed on classic, large-format consoles, then look no further. Rascal Audio’s Analogue ToneBuss delivers with simplicity and elegance. 

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