Rupert Neve 5025


Dual Shelford Mic Preamp

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Rupert Neve 5025  -two-channel Shelford mic preamp

Rupert Neve’s best-selling Shelford Channel is the definitive evolution of the original technologies in Rupert’s classic modules like the 1073, 1064 & 2254, thoughtfully advanced and refined for the 21st century studio.

The Dual Shelford Mic Pre is a two-channel version of our flagship preamplifier that has become an indispensable tool for countless engineers and musicians. The TEC Award-winning Dual Shelford offers the sonic excellence of two Rupert Neve Designs Shelford mic preamps in a single rack space with an internal power supply; simply put, these are two channels of the finest microphone preamplification in the world.

The Transformer Gain Mic Pre

Like Rupert’s designs from his time in Little Shelford, the Dual Shelford Pre uses a custom step-up transformer on the microphone input that provides the first 15 dB of gain. This specially-designed transformer, along with its careful integration with the surrounding class-A circuitry, is critical to the amplifier’s bold, mid-focused magic that can be heard on thousands of classic recordings.

While the majority of the harmonic richness found in Rupert’s designs is a product of the output transformer and surrounding class-A amplifiers, this step-up input transformer also imparts a unique musical enhancement of its own. The technical reasons for this are primarily a result of the reactive impedance characteristic of the input transformer and how that interacts with the connected microphone, resulting in subtle, non-linear harmonic enhancement of the lows and an unmistakable sweetness in the high frequencies.

While creating the input stage for the Shelford Channel and Dual Shelford Pre, the goal was not merely to recreate the classic designs, but to advance them: combining the unmistakable sound of the vintage technology with wide-bandwidth frequency response, consistently excellent amplifier performance at any gain setting, and extremely low noise operation. To achieve this, the custom transformer designs were carefully optimized and complete MuMetal shielding of the input transformer was implemented. The resulting preamplifier is flat from below 10Hz to above 60kHz, resulting in the purest possible tone and the very highest levels of versatility.

What is Silk?

The exclusive Silk & Texture circuit on the Dual Shelford Mic Pre allows you to fine-tune the amount (and type) of harmonic content in the output stage. This means your signal can be adjusted from quite transparent to settings that produce nearly 10x the amount of sonic color as Rupert’s vintage modules – and in two very unique modes. No matter what sound you’re looking for, Silk can get you there. When you apply SILK RED, you’re enhancing harmonic content generated by the highs and high mids of your source. This adds a sparkly sheen to the top end, and is often ideal for sources including vocals, snare, strings, pianos, and other acoustic instruments. With SILK BLUE, you’re enhancing harmonics generated by the lows and low mids of your source. This tends to “beef up” a signal from the bottom up, making it a great choice for drums, bass guitars, heavy electric guitars, male vocals, and synthesizers.

The Dual Output Level Transformers

Complementing the Silk circuit are the custom-designed output transformers, which use Rupert Neve Designs’ distinctive dual output topology. These offer both Main (+26 dBu) and -6dB (+20 dBu) outputs, allowing the engineer to drive the preamps fully into classic transformer saturation without clipping converters and other devices later in the chain.

The main outputs are designed to capture a more pristine sound at high levels, avoiding any nonlinear coloration of the output stage. The -6dB outputs allow an engineer to fully drive the Shelford – adding dynamic tone with these same nonlinear “colorations” – without clipping most professional interfaces. On drums, vocals, guitars and other instruments, these outputs let you easily hit the transformer’s “sweet

spot” of nonlinear harmonic content, bringing a recorded performance to life in a way that other preamps simply cannot match.


The definitive evolution of Rupert Neve’s renowned vintage mic preamp technology

Custom transformer-gain mic preamp features a distinctly musical response

Dual output level transformers create rich harmonic character without clipping the next device in the chain

Silk Red & Blue modes with Texture control to precisely dial in the desired amount of classic tone

Shelford circuitry delivers the essence of classic designs coupled with modern versatility

Up to 72 dB of low-noise, class-A gain to bring out the best in any source

Worldwide power supply with double the voltage of the original 80 series modules

Precisely engineered discrete design, built for decades of use


All specifications are typical ZSOURCE = 150 Ω Balanced, 30 ft. XLR cable on specified output



@ 1 kHz: +24.9 dBu

@ 1 kHz (Main Out): +26.7 dBu

@ 1 kHz (-6dB Out): +20.7 dBu


20 Hz to 20 kHz: +/-0.25 dB

10 Hz to 62 kHz: +/- 0.5 dB

5 Hz: << -3 dB

70 kHz: -3 dB

THD+N% (BW 10Hz – 90kHz)

0dBu Input, 1 kHz: < 0.0025%

+20dBu Input, 1 kHz: < 0.008%


0dB Gain: -102 dBu

+30dB Gain: -94 dBu

+66dB Gain: -61 dBu

EIN (+66dB Gain): -127 dBu

NOISE AT -6dB OUTPUT (BW 22Hz – 22kHz)

0dB Gain: -107 dBu

+30dB Gain: -100 dBu

+66dB Gain: -67 dBu

EIN (+66dB Gain): -133 dBu