Yamaha NUAGE Fader Unit

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The NUAGE Fader Unit is a 16 channel ethernet mixing controller for Steinberg’s Cubase and Nuendo software.  The Fader Unit includes 16 touch sensitive motorized faders with thirty two touch sensitive encoder pots with push button functionality. Easily nudge or bank change up and down between tracks or slide your finger across the unique horizontal touch slider.  The thirty two encoders allow for controlling channel specific parameters such as pan, sends, inserts, Input Assign, Output Assign as well allowing you to launch a plugin on a track and control up to 32 plugin parameters at one time.  What really makes the Fader Unit so incredible with Cubase or Nuendo is by adding a 24″ display.  This allows for what really is an extension of the fader unit by giving you complete access to all the functions in the channel strip. Plus, much much more!

Add up to three NUAGE Fader Units plus the NUAGE Master Unit to create the NUAGE Advanced Production System.

For more detail on the NUAGE Fader, NUAGE Master Unit and the NUAGE Advanced Production System, give us a call.  We would be happy to discuss the system and help you improve workflow as well as enjoy mixing!

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