Kawai Piano • Plano, Tx.

Did you know that Kawai Piano in Plano Tx includes a concert venue? The hall features live concerts and video streaming with renowned local and international pianists and ensembles.

Audio DAWg recently provided Kawai with a brand new Allen & Heath SQ5 digital mixing console and a variety of mics from DPA and AEA.

The AEA N8 ribbon mics were a great choice in recording the natural sound of their $250,000 Shigeru Kawai Concert grand piano (you’ve got to hear it to believe it… it sounds great). We temporarily set up the mixing console on stage to determine the best position for the stereo pair of AEA ribbon mics. The SQ-5 mixing console – which is both a live FOH board and recording board – records stereo or multi track to a USB thumb drive at 96 kHz!

Wow, it all sounds amazing.

For additional information about the concert hall, contact Lionel Sullivan at Kawai Piano Gallery Dallas (Plano). Thanks again for bringing Audio DAWg into the mix, Lionel!