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Dante 128×128 Expansion Card

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Dante Audio Networking Card
Designed to help integrate dLive into a wide range of live, install and broadcast scenarios, the Dante 128_128 audio networking card offers low latency, high channel count connectivity to Dante networks and devices using standard networking cabling and hardware.
With 128 channels of bidirectional audio at 96kHz, the Dante 128_128 card is suitable for high channel digital splits between systems, for instance FOH and MON, whilst offering simultaneous multitrack recording of up to 64 channels via Dante Virtual Soundcard (available separately), with no compromise in audio quality.

The front panel Primary and Secondary ports allow simultaneous connection to multiple Dante devices, or dual-cable redundancy with compatible hardware. A dedicated Control Network port is provided for configuration using Dante Controller software.
Support for the AES67 standard allows interoperability with other AoIP protocols found in broadcast, install and live sound scenarios and simplifies audio transport between different systems.
Compatibility with Dante Domain Manager (DDM) enables integration with large networks and transparent routing across subnets as well as robust security and authentication options.

* 128 bidirectional channels of Dante I/O at 96kHz or 48kHz
* Primary and Secondary audio ports for redundancy or switched operation
* Dedicated Control Network port for configuration
* Internal Network Bridge switch to bridge the dLive Control Network and the Dante Control Network
* AES67 compatible
* Dante Domain Manager (DDM) ready
* Up to 5x superDANTE w/ dLive S Class / Up to 2x superDANTE w/ dLive C Class
* Plug and play operation
* Use off the shelf network hardware

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