Antelope Audio MRC


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Antelope Audio MRC Multi Channel Remote Controller

Bus-powered USB remote controller for surround & immersive audio monitoring.

MRC is the long-anticipated hardware extension of our acclaimed surround sound and immersive audio monitoring system. The layout of this advanced monitor controller mirrors all major controls of the system for a smooth and intuitive workflow, thanks to fast preset recall and streamlined multichannel functionality.

The Antelope Audio monitoring system supports over 23 audio formats, from stereo to Dolby Atmos 9.1.6, and features precise speaker and room calibration tools such as per channel 8-band EQ and delay offset. With intuitive controls, a color-coded layout, and fast preset recall functionality, this ecosystem is the top choice for surround and immersive audio production. The MRC controller enhances the system with streamlined and tactile controls, making it the key to effortless advanced monitoring.
Currently supported with the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core