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The Fredenstein MIX CUBE is a compact answer to the question of mixing in the box or mixing out of the box with a solution born of thinking outside of the box.

The MIX CUBE is a high quality digital controlled analog mixer that can be configured as 8X2, 16X2, 24X2 or 32X2 while only needing about 6.3” (16cm) by 6”3 by 6.3” inches of desk space.  It features a front to back balanced audio path with a fully discrete output stage. The MIX CUBE can be thought of a remarkably compact, extreme performance, purist analog mixer for the digital age.  Each of the channels has gain control in ½ dB steps, pan, cut and solo. Any set of channels can be controlled by one of four fader groups. The master mix also has gain control, balance and cut. Presets can be easily saved and recalled. 

The 4 Fader Groups provide a convenient way of controlling multiple channels. For example, one could assign 10 drum channels to Group 1, (indicated numerically below the channel and with a color change) and adjust the level or mute or solo just the drums. Also, in the Audio Menu, all channels can be increased or reduced by 3 dB or 10 dB steps. One can easily find the optimal level to drive the mix buss and outboard processors.

The MIX CUBE also has MIDI ports and a USB port to allow full remote control. For example, a low cost moving fader MIDI controller can provide a traditional tactile interface for the MIX CUBE. Alternatively, A DAW can control the MIX CUBE via MIDI or USB and provide a fully automated mix in the analog domain while the digital to analog converters operate at their optimum levels.

Included is a 4.3” 480×272 pixel full color TFT graphics display that clearly shows levels, pans, groups, etc. 3 Encoders and 3 buttons give the engineer quick access to any control.  Also, the Mix Cube also has a built in peak output meter, with 64 segments from -44 to 20 dB. Naturally it is referenced to the professional 4 dBm standard, so the range is actually -40 to 24 dBu with an additional clip indicator at 28dBu.



Inputs are industry standard DSub 25’s and the outputs are XLR3.

Maximum Input / Output 28 dBu

Frequency Response  -0.5 dB 10 Hz – 80 kHz

THD & N .006%

S/N Ratio (8 channels installed, all unity gain)110 dB

S/N Ratio (32 channels installed, all unity gain)104 dB

Crosstalk (adjacent channels panned L & R)100 dB @ 1kHz, 83 dB @ 10kHz


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