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The organ of the monastery church of Riddagshausen near Braunschweig was built in 1979 by the renowned organ workshop of Alfred F?hrer in the neo-baroque style. It is designed very similar to the first organ of the church, built around 1619 by Heinrich Compenius the younger. Like the Compenius organ the new instrument comprises 31 stops on three manuals and pedal and fills the large church room with its beautiful sound. The disposition and the pipe scaling are closely following the original instrument. With its warm fundamentals and expressive reeds it is per?fectly suited for a wide repertoire, even romantic and contemporary music. The disposition of the organ is printed on the last page of this booklet.?

Lively concert activities with international guest organists attest to the wonderful sound of the instrument and make it known widely even outside of Germany.

The sample set is available?on DVD (set of 4 DVDs, see also note below) and?for download (4 files).

Disposition with virtual extensions?(in blue):

R?ckpositiv (I) C-g”’
Gedackt 8′
Quintadena 8′
Prinzipal 4′
Fl?te 4′
Spitzfl?te 2?
Sesquialtera 2 2/3′ 1 3/5′
Terz 1 3/5′
Scharff 4fach 1′
Schalmey 8′
Koppel BW/RP

Hauptwerk (II) C-g”’
Bordun 16′
Prinzipal 8′
Rohrfl?te 8′
Oktave 4′
Holzfl?te 4′
Nasard 2 2/3′
Gemshorn 2′
Mixtur 5fach 1 1/3′
Trompete 8′
Koppel BW/HW
Koppel RP/HW
Koppel HW 16′
Koppel HW 4′
HW Unison Off

Brustwerk (III) C-g”’
Holzgedackt 8′
Rohrfl?te 4′
Prinzipal 2′
Oktave 1′
Quinte 1 1/3?
Zimbel 3fach 1/2′
Vox humana 8′
Koppel BW 16′
Koppel BW 4′
BW Unison off

Pedal C-f’
Subba? 16′
Prinzipalba? 8′
Gedacktba? 8′
Oktave 4′
Hintersatz 4fach 4′
Posaune 16′
Trompete 8′
Koppel RP/P
Koppel HW/P
Koppel BW/P



The organ has been recorded in 2010 using state of the art recording techniques and equipment. At least three releases (staccato, portato, long note) have been recorded for each pipe to fully capture the reverberation of the large room, and additional layers for all pipes of the R?ckpositiv and Brustwerk with the tre?mu?lant on. This results in an unsurpassed realism of the tremulants of the virtual organ.

Tracker action, stop action, wind, and tremulant noises have also been recorded and can be switched on or off from the virtual console.?

The suitability of the sample set especially for romantic and contemporary music has been improved by providing the following extensions of the original disposition:

Terz 1 3/5′ in the R?ckpositiv.

Coupler III-I as well as sub- and superoctave couplers for Hauptwerk and Brustwerk.

Manual compass up to c”” (original up to g”’).

Brustwerk doors:
The Brustwerk of the real organ can be muted by manually closing wooden doors in front of the pipes. This has been modelled as an enclosure that can be controlled via an expression pedal.??

General combinations:
Ten programmable general combi?nations facilitate quick registration.???

Virtual Console:
The user interface of the virtual pipe organ consists of four screens which are optimized for touchscreen use.

? REQUIRES Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ software

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