Rupert Neve 5059


16×2+2 Summing Mixer

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The 5059 features 16 channels with individual level, pan, inserts, stereo-2 sends, and master texture controls.  It provides an easy integration with outboard equipment with complete control for two separate stem mixes.   Features 16 channels of Rupert Neve designed class-A magic and numerous tonal and routing options. The 5059 Satellite mixer will elevate your DAW-based studio’s sound and performance to new heights.


• 16 line inputs

• 16 Insert sends

• 16 Insert returns

• 2x Stereo outputs

• Continuously Variable level  -infinity to +10dB

• Insert engage -change from line in to insert return

• Stereo 2 Send – sends channel to stereo 2 buss

• Pan Control

• Silk Control  -cycles between Red, Blue and bypass

• Texture -dials in the amount of silk effect

• Stereo Output Level

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