Rupert Neve (MBC) Master Buss Converter


Dual Path A-D Converter & Limiter

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Rupert Neve Portico II Master Buss Converter

Dual Path A-D Converter & Limiter

Whether you’re tracking, printing mixes, or mastering, the Master Buss Converter is a revelation in quality and functionality of A-D conversion technology. The analog drive circuitry allows the MBC’s converter to
be fed by either a class-A transformerless path for maximum transparency, or by custom inter-stage audio transformers with variable Silk for a wide variety of tonal enhancements. Coupled with an astonishingly musical limiter, the MBC is always the best choice to capture your analog signals with breathtakingly three-dimensional accuracy.

Dual Path Analog Design
As the last link in the analog chain before digitization, converter drive circuitry is critical in determining the imprinted digital sound quality. From the ground up, the MBC was designed for reference performance regardless of genre or desired sonic character, and the key to this lies in the quality and adaptability of the analog drive circuitry. For a bolder, more powerful imprint, a custom-designed inter-stage transformer with Rupert’s acclaimed
Silk circuitry can be inserted to recreate the classic tonality of his vintage designs. Uniquely, unlike our audio transformers intended for line-level output, this new transformer is designed to achieve output
transformer harmonic content characteristics at a level appropriate for input to the converter itself. With the addition of variable Silk, the engineer is able to precisely dial in the desired amount of harmonic content – with the Red mode highlighting harmonics in the mid and high frequencies, and the Blue mode accentuating harmonics in the low-end. From a subtle transformer tonality without Silk, to significantly more color than vintage modules with the Silk / Texture circuit fully pushed, the selectable transformer path fills your tracks with enhanced dimensionality and power.

• Selectable Analog Drive Paths
• The very best of class-A transformerless and custom transformer-coupled designs at the touch of a button.
• Transformer Path with Silk / Texture
• Add weight and punch with a dedicated custom inter-stage transformer before the converter. Silk /
• Texture allows you to dial in the harmonic content and drive saturation of this signal path.
• Class-A Transformerless Path Maximizes clarity and transparency of the input signal.
• Active Compound Release Analog Limiting – Push your levels further with fewer artifacts than plug-ins, and introduce clip safety for tracking or
• 24-bit/192kHz Reference Conversion
• Unparalleled analog capture with precision clocking using top-of-the-line chips.
• Multi-Standard Connectivity – Connect to any of your digital devices with AES, S/PDIF and TOSLINK all simultaneously available.
• Precision Clocking -Maximum accuracy with minimal jitter and phase noise, able to operate as a master clock or sync from another master.