Waves Renaissance Maxx Collection


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Renaissance Maxx delivers the warmth of vintage analog hardware with the flexibility and precision control of digital software. This is the classic Waves sound, heard on countless hit records and major motion pictures worldwide. 

  • 10 classic Waves plugins

            – IR-L Convolution Reverb

            – Renaissance Axx (compressor ideal for Guitar and Bass)

            – Renaissance Bass (Extends perceived bass response by up to 1.5 octaves)

            – Renaissance Channel (Precision Channel Strip combining EQ, compression, gating, and limiting)

            – Renaissance Compressor  (Warm Classic Compression / Expansion)

            – Renaissance DeEsser (state-of-the-art sibilance attenuator)

            – Renaissance EQ (Intuitive EQ plugin with real-time graphing and vintage-modeled filter curves)

            – Renaissance Reverb (Featuring Extraordinary Density and Textue)

            – Renaissance Vox (powerful dynamics processor optimized especially for vocal tracks)  

            – Waves Tune LT

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